What Is CBD?

CBD - cannabidiol - derived from the HEMP plant, is widely appreciated for it's anti-inflammatory properties, and thereby helps relieve discomfort and actual pain that many individuals deal with on a daily basis associated with conditions such as arthritis, post-operative pain, and other pain-syndromes that may realistically not require prescription drugs but up to now have not had any other alternative available.

The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system functions throughout our body, in the brain for sure, but its also involved in the immune system, muscular system, vascular system, digestive system, and in many glandular (endocrine) functions. Our body responds in general, to neuro-transmissions or messages that the brain sends out throughout our body to engage the many functioning systems to perform their specific tasks and helps maintain the homeostasis or balance in our bodies.

Benefits of CBD

Addiction, overdosing, respiratory arrests, vascular collapse, drug-related cardiac events, liver disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other physical ailments may benefit from the use of CBD/THC keeping in mind that it is not an exclusion of other pharmacological needs, but a complimentary approach to the care and management of the individual and the individual's very personal needs.

All About CBD

Full Spectrum Oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil contains not just CBD but all of the beneficial cannabinoids. With Full Spectrum oil, you're getting as much of the valuable hemp plant material possible: CBG, CBN, and even low (and legal!) amounts of THC remain in ample quantities.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate contains the same CBD that's found in Full Spectrum oil, but with no other compounds present. As the name implies, the CBD has been isolated and extracted, and all that remains is the white crystallized (or white powder) form. The Isolate in our products is 99% pure, giving you the greatest source of straight CBD if that's what is desired.

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