The Best Night Sleep You've Had In Years.

Struggling to get a good night's rest? Discover how our doctor-recommended and carefully formulated CBD Sleep Tinctures can help you finally escape restless nights. First time buyers get 20% off plus FREE shipping on their entire order!


Doctor Trusted & Recommended

Research has shown that CBD use can be an incredibly effective remedy for individuals dealing with symptoms of Insomnia and Anxiety. A recent study on the effectiveness of CBD as a sleep aid reported that "79.2% of the patients studied reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7% reported better sleep."

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CBD Tinctures Built For Enhanced Sleep

Our CBD Sleep Tinctures are carefully crafted with concentrated doses of pure hemp cbd oil that deliver incredible results. The built in dropper allows you to easily mix it into your evening tea or meal. We've infused peppermint & chamomile essential oils in our product for added taste and a very pleasant aroma.


Meet Dr. Frank J. Ferrin, MD

Dr Ferrin is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has received Board Certification in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.

One of the early physicians in Florida to get certified as a Medical Cannabis Physician, Dr. Ferrin is actively involved in the evaluation and treatment of patients with conditions that are suitable to treatments with Hemp derived CBD, as well as THC medical products. He is a member in good standing in the American Academy of Cannabis Physicians and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

As medical director for EliteMD CBD, he strives to present to the public the highest quality and most effective CBD remedies available. Dr. Ferrin also continues to update and improve on all their production items available to the public for consumption in full FDA compliance and as recommended by state institutions.

Not Sure If CBD Is Right For You Yet? Check Out Our CBD Overview For More Information.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Dom H. | Elite MD CBD Customer

"Ever since high school, I have been experiencing sweaty palms, palpitations and general anxietynow in my twenties, and after researching many of the cbd products available, I decided to try this line of products that was designed and formulated with physician input. Elite-md-cbd has proved to be, just short of miraculous. After just a week of using one dropper or their calming tincture 2-3 times a day, I have managed all of my symptoms. It is really amazing product.

Looking To Solve Other Health Issues?

Below are some of the major issues people hope to solve with CBD and products we recommend to address the issues.

Anxiety & Trouble Sleeping

CBD is often thought of as a "use in the moment" kind of product, however it is often used as an ongoing treatment for anxiety and sleep trouble. Preclinical studies and animal models support the validity of its use. If you're looking to reduce symptoms of anxiety, we recommend exploring our CBD oils and tinctures for these ailments:

Joint & Back Pain

CBD is often used as a solution for chronic pain but recent studies have reported improvements in muscle stiffness as an additional measure. CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent which makes it particularly useful for pain-relief. Our creams and balms work great for addressing these problems.

Skin Care

For individuals looking to have cleaner healthier skin or get rid of inflammation, CBD moisturizers, shampoos, and after sun care products can help significantly. Studies show that CBD appears to decrease production of oils that clog pores and boosts cell turnover which can promote youthful skin and get rid of acne and blemishes.

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